Our Strategy


Our strategy is to create value for shareholders by optimising current operations, focusing on exploration and pursuing opportunistic early-stage acquisition.  

Our Business Model


We believe that our consistent and sustainable business model will  not only create long-term value for our stakeholders but also sets Hochschild Mining apart, offering an attractive investment proposition.

Code of Conduct

Since it was founded, Hochschild Mining has characterised itself not only by the high standards of safety and efficiency of its operations, but even more importantly by the excellence of its people and its commitment to society.

Our History

Hochschild Mining traces its origins to the original Hochschild Group founded in 1911 by Mauricio Hochschild. Following World War I, the Hochschild Group expanded into Bolivia, where it developed significant interests in tin.

Our Management

The Board consists of the Chairman, Eduardo Hochschild, the CEO, Ignacio Bustamante, and six Non-Executive Directors.