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Message from our Chairman

Since it was founded, Hochschild Mining has characterised itself not only by the high standards of safety and efficiency of its operations, but even more importantly by the excellence of its people and its commitment to society.

As members of this group of people, it is our duty to maintain the confidence of the market on our ability, honesty and integrity, with a well-earned reputation sustained throughout the years, not only with our words but with our actions.

By behaving correctly, we will be acting in the best interest of our Company, our families and our society. At Hochschild Mining we do not sacrifice our ethics or our safety in order to achieve other goals.

The Hochschild Mining Code of Conduct is vital for all of us working at the Company, and captures in writing what is common practice in our daily work. 

In short, it describes the basic rules and principles of our Company regarding ethical behaviour and our corporate values.

Although this code addresses a series of circumstances that any of us may face at a given moment, it is impossible to cover all the situations that may arise. If you are not sure about the best course of action, ask your direct supervisor or use the corporate lines of communication to inform Management about any problem you may be facing.

This Code is applicable to all Directors, Executives, Workers and External Advisors of Hochschild Mining and its majority-owned subsidiaries.

We must all commit to the principles established, both in word and in the spirit of the document, to be able to preserve and transmit the enviable reputation that we have inherited to the next generations of Hochschild Mining.


Eduardo Hochschild


Please download a copy of the Code of Conduct (pdf)

Para descargar nuestro Codigo de Conducta por favor haga click aqui (pdf)