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We appreciate and take seriously the trust that our employees, clients and suppliers place in us. In this regard, the Group is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, honesty, transparency and responsibility. Any conduct considered improper, regardless of who is involved, will be considered a very serious offence.

The Hochschild Mining plc Board of Directors values your contribution to maintaining these ethical standards. We have therefore made it possible to submit complaints online confidentially. The information received will be passed directly to the department assigned by the Group to investigate these incidents, maintaining absolute confidentiality.

Please note that reports made using this facility cannot be traced by the Group and you can therefore be assured of complete confidentiality.

As well as using this facility to file complaints, you can also make your complaint known to the Country General Manager, Corporate Internal Audit Manager, the Vice President of Human Resources by calling +51 (1) 317-2000 or the Company Secretary by calling +44 (0) 20 3709 3263 as established by our Whistleblowing Policy.