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Our business model


These inputs are key in consistently achieving productive, safe and environmentally sound operations. 

Responsibility Expertise

We are focused on: operating a safe workplace to enable our employees to thrive; minimising our environmental impact; and seeking to generate social value within our surrounding communities.


We have specific expertise in mining underground deposits in complex geological conditions throughout the Americas.

Experience Discipline

We have steadily built an enviable track record in managing mines, developing projects, identifying growth options and utilising best practice environmental and social policies.

We have a key strength in our balance sheet and deploy capital in a disciplined manner underpinned by our long-standing financial relationships and a focus on value accretive opportunities.

Governance Innovation

We maintain high standards of controls and processes to protect and enhance stakeholder interests.

We are dedicated to the development of more efficient business practices through the adoption of new technologies.

Our core activities

Technical expertise is the key attribute underpinning our business model

Discover Develop Extract

We have strong expertise in discovering and developing long-term geological districts. Our highly experienced exploration team believes that there is strong potential across all our properties to continue to generate strong returns from the Company’s existing resource base. Furthermore, our greenfield and project development strategy involves a significant number of drilling campaigns at premium precious metal prospects in Peru and across the Americas. These can be executed in-house or in partnership with a variety of reputable exploration companies with attached earn-in or joint venture options if successful.


We are able to progress our projects efficiently in a short space of time and the ability to operate in remote locations and high altitudes remains a core competitive advantage. We have unrivalled knowledge of the key mining jurisdictions in the Americas and believe our experience in managing all project requirements including permitting, local community and government support places us in a strong position with regards to the execution of precious metal opportunities as well as options in

future-facing commodities.

We have developed an extensive in-house knowledge base of the challenges inherent in a range of different ore bodies, varying metals as well as in a variety of environments throughout our regions.

This has resulted in us consistently meeting annual operational targets, implementing significant cost efficiency programmes and replacing and adding to our resource base. In addition, our growing commitment to innovation is allowing us to incorporate key technological advances and apply them to our business.


The efficacy of our business model allows us to invest in the future of our employees, redistribute profit to our host communities through a wide variety of collaborative programmes and deliver long-term value for all our shareholders.





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