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The Hochschild approach to working with our communities

We strive to promote close long-term collaboration with local communities, with full respect for local customs and social dynamics. Our actions are guided by our Sustainability, Human Rights and Community Relations policies which provide the framework for our engagement with the communities and other local stakeholders. Our social engagement strategy is based on five pillars:

  • stakeholder engagement strategy:
  • local employment;
  • the procurement of local goods and services;
  • community investment in social programmes; and
  • supporting local governments with capacity building and local investment projects.

Through the implementation of this strategy, our intention is to build trust and a mutually beneficial relationship with the 49 communities in our direct area of influence – approximately 3,000 families.

Our achievements in 2020

To keep communities connected during the Covid-19 pandemic, we prioritised our resources to implement a new connectivity programme, establishing internet connection across 13 priority communities. While a number of our community projects were paused, this allowed us to continue to deliver a range of social programmes that were more important than ever. The Group’s efforts were recognised, receiving first place in the ProActiva Awards 2020, an award recognising the innovative efforts of mining companies to contribute to the wellbeing of Peruvians throughout the pandemic.


Health and nutrition

Economic development