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The Hochschild approach to environmental management

At Hochschild, we are committed to protecting the environment through applying best in class environmental management approaches. All of our activities are guided by the principles set out in our Environmental Policy and we continually seek ways to improve our consumption of resources, whether through reducing water usage, improving energy efficiency or increasing the proportion of waste that is recycled.

Our environmental purpose for 2030 is to contribute to a sustainable future, always acting with responsibility and environmental excellence.

While the business of our Company is metal extraction, we commit to always acting in a responsible manner to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible and contribute to a better world, as outlined in our corporate purpose

2020 Highlights

Environment Culture Transformation Plan

To further prioritise and strengthen our environmental activities and leadership, in 2020 we enlisted DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) to assess our internal environmental culture to understand the level of commitment and engagement of our Company leaders on environmental issues.

To replicate the success of our Safety Culture Transformation Plan, we launched an ‘Environment Culture Transformation Plan’.

Three work streams have been identified to drive continuous improvement: Technical, with a focus on the continuous improvement of Hochschild’s Environmental Management System; the use of Technology and Innovation to reduce our environmental footprint; and People, communicating the importance of respecting and conserving the environment to our workforce and stakeholders.

ECO Score: A Hochschild innovation

To achieve a best in class environmental footprint, Hochschild created an innovative programme that allows us to quantify and distil our environmental performance in a single number, expressing intangible environmental management in a way that is universally understood. The ECO Score has received external recognition since its launch. In 2020, we were proud to win first place in the National Oil and Energy Mining Society’s Sustainable Development Award, which recognises best environmental practices across the energy and mining sector.

The ECO Score is calculated by monitoring performance at two levels: at each mining operation, and overall for the entire Group using a range of KPIs which reflect, among other things, compliance with discharge limits and zero-tolerance to environmental incidents, regulatory findings, and sound environmental management (relating to water consumption and waste generation).

In 2020, our overall ECO Score was 5.74 out of 6 – a 73% improvement vs 2015

For further details on our approach to, and performance in, Water Management, Waste Management, Energy Use & Climate Change and Land Use & Biodiversity, see our 2020 Sustainability Report