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“We recognise that sustainability is a vital consideration at all stages of the mine cycle – from exploration to construction, extraction and closure – and as such, has been a key pillar of Hochschild’s corporate purpose for many years.

Since our listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2006, we have come a long way on our journey to becoming a company more focused on sustainability with significant achievements along the way. We will continue to invest our time, resources and energy to generate long-term stakeholder value through the transparent delivery of key minerals and a commitment to creating a positive impact and contributing to a better world.

In June, a tragic accident took place in southern Peru involving our transport contractor which claimed the lives of 26 people who worked at our Pallancata operation. The entire organisation has been deeply affected by this very sad and unprecedented incident and the management team has been doing everything possible to investigate its circumstances and provide a wide range of support measures to everyone affected. We have of course been fully supporting the local authorities and the contractor with their respective accident investigations. Our Company adopts a rigorous framework of safety protocols which cover all aspects of our business. The safety of everyone who works at Hochschild is our highest priority.”

Eduardo Hochschild

Hochschild's Approach to Sustainability

Our long-term business model was developed to not only offer an attractive investment proposition for our Shareholders, but also as part of our commitment to making a better world for our workforce, communities and society as a whole. We seek to create long-term value through safe, innovative and environmentally sound operations.

Sustainability is a vital consideration at all stages of the mine cycle – from exploration to extraction, and construction to closure, and a strategic imperative for the Company.

To ensure our values are adhered to, we have adopted a number of policies over the years, which demonstrate our commitment to the areas in which we can make the most difference, underpinned by our consideration of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

Management and accountability

The Board has ultimate responsibility for establishing Company policies relating to Sustainability and employee matters and ensuring that national and international standards are met. The Sustainability Committee is a formal committee of the Board with delegated responsibility for various sustainability and employee issues, focusing on compliance with national and international standards and ensuring that appropriate systems and practices are in place Company-wide to ensure the effective management of sustainability-related risks. Graham Birch has Board-level responsibility for sustainability issues.

A working group of relevant personnel meets on a monthly basis to support the work of the Sustainability Committee and focuses on health and safety policies, environmental programmes, community relations and employee matters at an operational level. 

For further details, please see our 2020 Sustainability Report.


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