Our success relies on our people

We seek to promote our Company culture and provide a positive and stimulating working environment where we actively encourage professional and personal development.


Gender Diversity

%s of female workers, leaders and Board members

Employee Turnover

% voluntary turnover

Empowering our people focus areas

Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

At Hochschild, diversity, inclusion and a safe work environment that promotes equal opportunities for all are fundamental to the sustainability of our company and to our corporate purpose. We are committed to respecting human rights and promoting diversity and inclusion. As such, we reject any acts of discrimination that are based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, age or any other distinguishing characteristic or trait. Our recently updated Human Rights Policy outlines our commitment to promoting equal opportunities for all, including the participation, education and empowerment of women in the workplace.


Recruitment, Retention & Engagement

We are committed to attracting and retaining a skilled workforce by creating a workplace that is engaging, innovative and defined by our corporate purpose and values. In 2023, nearly 94% of our employees were permanent full-time workers, with a low voluntary turnover rate of 4.5%. In the 2023 Merco Talento ranking, Hochschild was ranked 4th among 17 mining sector companies in Peru and placed 36th out of the top 100 companies in Peru based on our talent retention and attraction efforts. The ranking promotes the improvement of human capital management within organisations, providing them with various metrics and evaluation elements that contribute to a better understanding of the aspirations of the individuals working within them.

Innovations through technological solutions

We strive to promote innovation in all aspects of our business to increase productivity, improve worker safety and reduce our impact on the environment. Our ongoing Innova platform allows Hochschild to receive initiatives from every level of the company. Launched in 2022, the objective of the tool is to incorporate technology and innovation into our processes, proposed by our workers. Anyone, at any time, can use the platform to upload their disruptive, applied, or incremental initiatives so that they can be evaluated and implemented in a timely way. In 2023, we developed two Innova Campaigns on the following topics:

  • ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence for efficiency at Hochschild
  • Conversemos en familia, for the families who participated in the family workshop in October, as part of the Environmental Culture Transformation Plan (ECTP)

Eight projects were implemented this year, having been proposed between 2021-2023. A further four projects have passed the Evaluation stage and are expected to be implemented in 2024.


Labour Relations

We recognise and respect the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. Underpinning our relations with our workforce are principles and practices related to fair compensation, job security and professional development opportunities. In 2023, approximately 74% of our total workforce was represented by a trade union or similar body. We recorded 0 strikes or lockouts during 2023. Management also conducts discussions on health and safety with worker representatives and trade unions.

2023 highlights


Voluntary Employment Turnover (2022: 3.9%)


Female workers Vs Total workforce (2022: 9%)


Women in leadership roles (2022: 15%)